No One Is Perfect

                                                         Photo Credit: [Sharon Sinclair]

                                                         Photo Credit: [Sharon Sinclair]

No one is perfect.

People make mistakes; we lie and hurt each other. Moments are bittersweet. Our happiness is seen in contrast to our sadness and all our blacks and whites get blurred to greys.

We want things to stay the same and we want everything to be perfect for eternity. We want happiness all the time.

All emotions have evolved for a good reason. Anger gets you ready to fight. Fear gets you ready to run. Joy opens you up and encourages you to repeat a good experience. Regret and guilt narrow your focus on specific events and push you to learn from them.

But we try to rush past negative emotions and hold on to emotions that feel good.

When we ignore the emotions that feel bad we cut ourselves off from the lessons they teach us and the actions they implore us to take. We avoid music, movies, art, and people that evoke those emotions in us.

But buried emotions are seeds that sprout weeds in our minds at later times, until they push through every crack in the concrete we’ve laid down and can’t be ignored.

We grasp onto our image of perfection by blaming other people for the negative things we feel.

“She made me so mad yesterday.”
“He is always talking to other girls, he makes me so jealous.”
“They got me so frustrated!”

We’ll do anything to avoid accepting our imperfections. But our emotions don’t exist outside of us and no one is spiking our drinks with sad juice or frustration pills.

Blaming others for our emotions gives them power over us. When we take ownership of our emotions we take back our power.

I’m trying to be patient and accepting. But you can’t try to be patient then get it right and move on. You can only practice patience in every moment.

Impatience is the act of not accepting the current moment and its imperfections. I’ve tried avoiding thoughts, ignoring emotions, and rushing through moments to get to something perfect.

But nothing is perfect, and I guess that is the point of this jumble of words.

If we can learn to live with imperfection and see the usefulness, beauty, and inevitability of it, then maybe we can be more patient and accepting of ourselves and the world around us.

No one is perfect, so learn to live with imperfection or you’ll never really live.