The 3 Lessons I Learned This Week

                                                         Photo Credit: [Alan Levine]

                                                         Photo Credit: [Alan Levine]

Learning a life lesson is a shitty experience.

We think we know everything until we hit a brick wall, then our faces are bloody and we’re ashamed.

That’s as close as I can come to describing life lessons. And even when we think we’ve learned something before, we get cocky and life knocks us on our ass.

Don’t get me wrong, we need to learn lessons to grow, change, feel fulfilled and be happy. But growing is painful. Emotional growing pains are just as real as physical growing pains.

Lessons are painful, growth is painful, and the lessons I learned this week reminded me that growth is a constant process.

Impatience Is The Denial Of NOW

I like a girl, but she is very busy and we have yet to hang out. I just want to have a conversation with her over coffee but it hasn’t happened yet and I can feel the restlessness building inside me.

I’m working towards the life of my dreams, but I want it now.

I’m always setting goals and looking forward. It’s like I’m saying to the universe “this moment isn’t good enough, I’d like another please.”

But we don’t get anything other than the present moment.

I was reading about Lao Tzu and happened across a line that grabbed my chest. “Nature never hurries, yet all things are accomplished.”

I was trying to hurry my life forward but it only made me ungrateful for the present and anxious for the future. That is no way to live.

Expectation Is Resentment Under Construction

I have so many grand expectations for everything I do. When I write a post I want it to change everyone’s life instantly. When I make a video or do an event I want everyone to be talking about it.

When we that expect people should or will react in a certain way that is a lie we are telling ourselves. These lies will cause us to resent ourselves and those around us.

When our reality doesn’t meet our expectations it’s a recipe for disaster.

We have to let go of our expectations and accept whatever happens. The reality of the moment is the only truth, all expectations are lies.

Focus On Process Rather Than Outcome

The theme so far is to accept things as they are and live in the moment. That is easier said than done.

If we aren’t impatiently waiting for the future and building up our expectations of what it might be, then what do we spend our time on?

We have to focus on the process rather than the outcome.

Instead of always imagining the finish line we need to focus on the journey. When you focus on the journey you bring your best every time, you accept what is, and you allow things to develop naturally.

This is the only way to be happy the entire time instead of just at the finish line.

The finish line only lasts a moment right at the end, the journey is everything else. So why not enjoy the journey and be present the whole time?

These are all lessons I’ve learned before, but we don’t learn a lesson and throw it away. We have to practice them every day.

Otherwise when we aren’t looking, we’ll walk face first into a brick wall and learn the hard way.