Social Media is a LIE

                                                         Photo Credit: [al shep]

                                                         Photo Credit: [al shep]

I hate social media. I often find myself upset when browsing the hyper successful beautiful people on Facebook and Instagram.

Why can’t I have their lives? They are perfect and I have to sit here and lay in their perfect shadows.

Their perfect lives make me wonder if I’ll ever be perfect or if I’ll ever attain their level of success or happiness. These thoughts scare me.

Then I met someone who had a perfect life with perfect people and LOTS of followers on Instagram. I was star-struck and awe-inspired. She seemed like she had it all.

But then we had a conversation.

I discovered that her life actually sucks. She has many struggles, trials and tribulations and rough patches. She’s constantly battling new problems.

Her life is nowhere near perfect. In fact, it’s terrible. But still posts these seemingly happy pictures of smiles and sunshine.

Unanimously, across the board, the one thing that humans have in common is troubling times. Even the richest people, have internal struggles. Everyone faces many problems throughout their lives, whether its relationship, family, or work issues.

Everyone has a dark past—filled with regrets and mistakes—they are constantly battling in their own heads. Their outward lives may look perfect, but internally they are facing demons that you can’t even begin to imagine.

Their worlds are crumbling from the inside out, but they post smiles and sunshine to numb the mental noise.

But in those brief moments where they are vulnerable, all the negative emotions come rushing through the floodgates at once as they begin to pour their hearts out.

This is the true them. I can appreciate them. I can connect with them. I can love them.

It’s hard to love someone who seems perfect. You can never feel perfect yourself because of your own internal noise. Connecting with someone who portrays that ideal is impossible.

Hiding behind social media isn’t solving your problems. It only pushes your problems further into yourself. The battle will always continue and noise will grow louder. Only when we consciously seek to solve these problems, can we begin to decrease the noise.

If you let the noise define who you are, you will always seek perfect through some form or another, and will never attain it. Leading to more noise and more unrewarded searches. 

But when you let the noise show you who you could be, you start to use your story as a way to help others.

When all her emotions came flooding out, I felt truly connected to her. I used my noise to shed some light into her life. I shared my personal story in hopes that, for a brief moment, she could see her problem through my lens, a different perspective.

Something changed. We connected. We both shared. We both grew. She seemed happier.

I like making people feel happier.