How To Make Your Life Significant When The Universe is Dying

                                                      Photo Credit [Wes Iverson]

                                                      Photo Credit [Wes Iverson]

One day the universe will die.

Maybe, space will expand and everything we know will rip apart into its original components. Or maybe heat death will occur, and every star will slowly disintegrate, causing all our planets to freeze over.

Or the more optimistic approach—the universe collapses into nothing and it is reborn over again, endlessly repeating this cycle over trillions of years causing multiple universes to exist.

Space is incredibly scary. I’ve been learning and the more I learn, the more I want to crawl up into a ball and wait for the inevitable to occur.

Since I was young, I always said the same thing—‘I want to help millions of people around the world.’

Some days I work my hardest. The momentum builds and I grow closer.

I read more, write more, and help more people. I sign people for consultations and get more clients. I grow the business and everything occurs serendipitously.

Other days, I don’t feel like I am capable of such a feat. I mean, millions of people? That’s a lot of people for one person to affect.

I get unsure of myself.

My survival mechanism kicks in. I freeze. It tells me to stop and seek safety—from the embarrassment and turmoil of failure.

I decide to stop deliberate action towards my goal. Nothing seems achievable and everything seems dark.

I become self-conscious and unconfident. I decide, maybe my goal isn’t achievable. Maybe, I’m just another foolhardy dreamer that won’t amount to anything in life.

Zooming out for a moment, and we begin to realize that life is insignificant.

Nothing anyone will ever do will matter in a trillion years. There will be no Oprahs, no Bill Gates, and no Walking Dead.

So why not forget your survival mechanism and the safety it seeks and be bold. Chase your dreams despite the thoughts of embarrassment and turmoil.

Or don’t.

Choose to sit in your darkness.

But remember that is your choice.

You have a choice every single day.

I do want to help millions of people around the world. But eventually, like it or not, the universe will end and nothing will matter.

If I don’t succeed, in a trillion years, no one will remember. But if the off chance I do succeed, I can help millions of people now.

Right now is all that matters.

If I can make a significant impact on peoples’ lives now, I can be okay with the universe dying.

So today, I’m going to grab a green tea, go outside and help someone because that is all I want do every single day of my insignificant life.