Luck is GARBAGE!

                                                        Photo Credit: [Jaywillis1]

                                                        Photo Credit: [Jaywillis1]

Luck a major force in many peoples’ lives. People believe that some are lucky and some are just not. Some believe if a person is successful, happy or secure, they have been granted some sort of interstellar luck.

But is luck really something that exists and plays an active role in our lives?

It has been my personal experience that luck is garbage.


I spend the majority of my daily morning routine absorbing lessons, tips, and advice from many successful people all over the world through books, videos, and pretty much any other forum possible.

There are a few qualities that stand out among the majority of them—their unwavering abilities of hard work, dedication, and willpower.

Successful people are able to rise up from mediocrity to a higher level through their work ethic and determination.

Even if luck does exist, these people don’t wait for it to fall into their lives. THEY make their OWN luck.

When they follow their purpose and passions persistently, opportunities present themselves. Now, that may be called ‘being in the right place, at the right time,’ but is it so, if they intended to be there?

Looking from the outside in, unfulfilled people spend most of their time hoping for a lucky break, wishing they had better circumstances, and shutting down when something wondrous doesn’t happen.

In contrast, successful people have shown up. Showing up is 90% of the win. Through their diligence, they have earned their circumstances.

When you show up and do the work every single day, the opportunities for success increases. Luck, if it were to exist, increases.

But what about born-in rich people?

Being born in better circumstances may play a small role, but even with the extra opportunities, showing is the single biggest factor to success. Born-in success accounts for a small amount of people, but crafting your own circumstances, that’s the majority.

Take a look at Ed Sheeran, who most people said ‘came out of nowhere,’ but he was living in his CAR for years before his big break.

How did he do it?

He showed up every single day.

How about J. K. Rowling? She started writing to escape welfare and depression. She incorporated all her troubled times into her novels and THEN got rejected 12 times in a row!

How did she do it?

She showed up every single day.

They followed they passion every single day. They struggled through it every single day. They never hoped for a lucky break or accepted their circumstances when luck didn’t give them what they desired.

They chose to create their own. They showed up everyday and never settled for anything less than they deserved.

There are countless more stories of ‘luck,’ as many people call it. But the rags-to-riches story is far more common, so it can’t just be a random chance of luck.

It has been my experience that hard-work pales in comparison to luck. Successful people have a quality that unsuccessful don’t have.

Showing up is the majority of the battle. Creating your circumstances will eventually lead towards a happier and more fulfilling life.

So this is what I did today.

I showed up.