Internal Battles Lead To External Victories

                                                        Photo Credit: [Dierk Schaefer]

                                                        Photo Credit: [Dierk Schaefer]

I’ve been asked many times what my ‘secret’ is.

What is my secret for staying consistent at the gym? What is my secret for being so happy? What is my secret for being confident, outgoing, stress free…
The list goes on.

In the past I would give long winded explanations for each point. I’d talk about habits, perspectives, actions, schedules, and a hundred other ways to achieve each of those goals.

But that isn’t much of a secret, and I didn’t believe there was a secret.

Leroy and I were recording a podcast today and one of the questions was about the difficult and useful lessons we’ve learned in our 20’s.

I realised that my answer to that question, was the secret.

Internal Battles Lead To External Victories.

It’s all in your mind. That’s it.

Every single goal, dream, action plan, habit, and schedule you aim to achieve, will be achieved only by fighting internal battles.

If you want to go to the gym and get fit, it’s not going to be the cardio and lifting that you need to focus on in order to accomplish your goals. You have to focus on the internal struggle of getting to the gym every day, avoiding the foods that ruin your progress and staying positive when you don’t see results immediately.

If you want to be a more confident and outgoing person, that isn’t going to happen through new clothes, expensive cars, or even knowing more about how to talk to people. It’s going to happen when you fight those internal voices in your head that say you aren’t good enough. These voices will scream in your mind every time you try to be outgoing, and it is the fight against these voices that will cause real change.

Your Goals Might Be External, But The Path Is Internal.

If you want to be more social you’ll have to learn to love yourself and be comfortable. If you want cut out a bad habit you’ll have to fight the internal cravings.

Developing habits, avoiding stress, being happy, outgoing, confident, authentic, and reaching for your dreams all start with fighting the internal battles and conquering your mental obstacles.

The battles will be tough and bloody. You’ll be fighting against yourself and half the time you’ll be playing both sides unsure of what you really even want. But if you can fight those internal battles day in and day out, you’ll get stronger every day.

That is the most difficult and useful lesson I’ve learned so far in my 20’s. That is the secret.