2 Processes That Destroy Our Personal Development

                                               Photo Credit [Adam Selwood]

                                               Photo Credit [Adam Selwood]

The majority of animals survive on instinct. They feel more than they think. They sense more than guide, which is probably why we are out of the food chain.

If you’re reading this on the internet, you don’t have to worry about a leopard chasing you at the subway or where your next meal is going to be hunted and trapped.

We overcame a feat that other species failed at because we were able to break the mould by overcoming two major roadblocks. These two have allowed our species to evolve.

But, now that we don’t have to worry about being prey, we have made prey of ourselves through our inaction. These roadblocks have resurfaced and hindered our personal growth and development.

It’s impeded our progress in all aspects of our livesphysical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

A) Fear

We were once afraid of being prey. That’s legitimate. We had this fear because we could have been eaten alive.

But now our fears are illegitimate. We possess the fear of starting and trying new things. We possess this fear because we may be ridiculed or judged.

We went from fear saving our lives to fear destroying our lives.

All of our growth once came from taking a plunge into something new or difficult. When we are fearful, we grow doubtful. When we grow doubtful, we stop taking risks. And, when we stop taking risks, we stop growing.

Fear and doubt can only be combated by confidence. How does one attain confidence? Through competence. With more knowledge and experience, confidence is gained.

When I first decided to go to the gym, I was terrified. In my head, the place had a collection of muscle heads that would collectively point and laugh at me. The fear prevented me from progressing physically.

Then I chose to learn at home and try things in my backyard. I consumed knowledge from different sources and as I became more competent, I became more confident.

The fear slowly receded and I stepped into the gym for the first time and I saw those muscle heads. But instead of being fearful, I felt comfortable, relatively speaking.

Fear can be negated through knowledge. The more we learn, the more comfortable we will become. As confidence increases, it consumes fear.

B) Laziness

My theory is that Neanderthals came up with the idea for the wheel because it was more work to drag huge animals back to their caves.

Laziness created one of our species greatest inventions.

But now, laziness destroys many potential ideas and inventions. Collectively, we are lazy and that hinders our personal growth and evolution.

We have dreams at night for what our lives should be like, but we let these dreams die in the daylight.

We have become complacent in our circumstances, accepting everything that comes to usgood and badand simply moving on without wondering if there is more out there for us.

Laziness has limited our abilities to take action and reclaim our lives. We have settled for our circumstances, never trying to chase more.

We settle for jobs and relationships that do not add real value and fulfill us. We settle for mediocrity because chasing our dreams is too arduous.

But we all possess an unlimited amount of potential if we begin to take control of our energy and time and move towards our dreams.

Through proper practices and the people we surround ourselves with, we can manage our energy and escape mediocrity.

Laziness has claimed many lives in the past, will you allow it claim you as well?

What sets us apart from the rest of the food chain is our foresight and awareness. We have developed large pre-frontal cortexes that grant us the power of direction.

We have the power to guide our lives in any direction we choose. We must begin to exercise our power, by slowly and surely overcoming each of these obstacles.

Through awareness and guidance, we can continue to grow, progress and evolve.

Until next week, grow fully and live happily, my beautiful readers.

Be bold, be free, and love on.