Cleaning Out The Clutter (Part #1)

Everything between birth and death is called life. In this little time frame, we have one of two choices that will steer us on specific path.

Will we choose a difficult life where we’re constantly plagued by stress and anxiety, disease and turmoil? Or simpler lives where we have the ability to freely choose our emotions and design a lifestyle around happiness and fulfillment?

There are many causes that lead to a difficult life and I believe that clutter is the glue that bonds ‘difficult’ and ‘life’ together.

Mental and physical clutter will consume our entire lives if unchecked; leaving us wondering how we arrived in the situations we are currently in.

The two are different but not mutually exclusive: mental clutter will lead to physical clutter and physical clutter will agitate mental clutter.

Mental Clutter

Mental clutter is made up of all the things you want you achieve, all the ideas for potential projects and activities, and all the skills you want to learn and improve.

It’s made up of the tasks and commitments you’re juggling, past and future, while trying to make sense of your mistakes and worries.

It’s concerned with how the world works, why people are the way they are, who you are, and what your purpose is and on and on and on. It never ends.

The mental clutter causes white noise in your head that makes each moment heavy and life burdensome.

The only way to eliminate the white noise is to categorize your thoughts and clean up your mental space. Sort through the clutter and delete all the irrelevant thoughts like you’re pulling weeds out of your garden.

1) Design Your Life

Success is achieved when you begin with a vision for your life. What do you want your life to look like? What do you find stimulating? What do you want to accomplish? Who do you want to surround yourself with?

The white noise is like trying to put a square block in a round hole. Logically it doesn’t fit, but we try because we have convinced ourselves that it does. Define your life with these questions and clear everything that doesn’t fit.

2) The Body

Treat your body with respect and love. Are you eating well? Are you sleeping enough? Are you active everyday? Do you spend time to reflect?

James Altucher talks about improving yourself by just 1% each week. Each day, just do something that will bring you closer to that weekly goal. Spend an extra half hour sleeping or eat something green, or spend some time meditating or reflecting.

We often neglect our body when we’re busy dealing with the mental noise. But part of the reason it exists is because your body is asking for its needs through your cluttered mind. But, when you get your body in proper order, your mind follows suit.

“Your body is your mind.” – Elliott Hulse

3) Time Management

Work on one thing at a time to avoid background noise from another activity. Free your schedule, leaving blocks of ‘me’ time between commitments. Spend the various blocks of ‘me’ time to reevaluate yourself throughout the day.

Where are you spending your time? Figure out what commitments and activities are beneficial to you. Are these activities adding or subtracting value?

With proper awareness, mental clutter will be a distant memory. When you begin to understand and shape your life, the white noise will slowly disappear. Clarity will soon follow.

You won’t be stifled by a thousand and one questions each and every moment. You will regain the ability to think uncluttered and openly. Clarity will lead to a happier, more fulfilling life.

Next week, I’ll delve into physical clutter. Both are equally important. And when we clear both from our lives we’ll regain our superhero status and function optimally.

Life intervenes between birth and death. Why make it difficult? Carve out the clutter and pursue something simpler.

Then focus on the things that really matter: your family, your friends, your community, climbing trees, and smiling at strangers. Make life good by spending more time with the good parts.

Until next week,

Be bold, be free and love on.

                                                        Photo Credit: [Puck90]

                                                        Photo Credit: [Puck90]