Photo Credit: [Jeff Djevdet]

                                                      Photo Credit: [Jeff Djevdet]

I had one of those days recently where I question all my goals and my reasons for wanting to reach them.

You know, one of those days where I thought about the fact that the human species will only be a blip on the timeline of the universe and that the universe itself will eventually end in a heat death, or cold death, or a big crunch or…

Yeah, it wasn’t the greatest day to say the least.

Finding motivation to chase your dreams on those days seems impossible, but I’m a firm believer that if you can muster up motivation on a day like that, you can do anything.

We need to reach in deep and dig out the real reasons our aspirations are important to us because despite whatever happens to the universe, we still have to live our lives.

These are the three things I do when I need to motivate myself from the deepest possible level.

Your Heaven and Hell

A lot of people talk about visualization. We’re encouraged to visualize ourselves accomplishing our goals and living the life we dream.

We visualize the happiness, pride, love, and respect that will come when we reach the finish line. It’s our heaven on earth.

Well, that is only one half of the equation.

After you imagine your heaven on earth, I want you to imagine your HELL. You need to imagine all of the terrible things you will think, feel, and experience if you DON’T chase your dreams.

Imagine that terrible scenario in as much detail as you can and you’ll be motivated not only to move towards your heaven, but to also run from your hell.

Spoiler Alert: We All Die

The only difference is whether we die with regret, or satisfaction.

If you were to die tomorrow, what missed opportunities would you regret the most? What would you regret that you never accomplished?

Imagine you know you are dying soon and ask yourself as many big questions as you can with that mind-state.

We spend so much time putting death out of our minds. We don’t think about it and we don’t talk about it, but it is inevitable.

When we stop to think about death, it puts everything in perspective. Use your own mortality as motivation so you never have to experience that deep feeling of regret.

Put Skin In The Game

You will never be motivated if you have nothing to lose; that is the common theme in these tips.

When you imagine your hell or your dying regrets, the fact becomes all too real that you have a lot to lose. Lost opportunity, lost dreams and lost potential can create a pretty ugly picture.

Well, it’s time to stop playing make believe and actually risk losing something NOW.

There are a lot of ways to do this and some are more extreme than others but as long as you force yourself into a situation where you have something to lose, it will work.

You can make a bet with a friend and risk your money. You can tell everyone you know about your commitment and risk your reputation. You can risk your pride, comfort, emotions, or anything else you value.

You can commit to something where you can’t back out. For example: if you want to get fit, sign up for a marathon in a different country and book the non-refundable flight.

Whatever you’re doing make sure you have something to lose and I guarantee it will motivate you.

So, that is how I motivate myself. Maybe my methods are a bit extreme, but sometimes I’m extremely lazy so I think they are appropriate.

My life will end and the universe will end, but I’ll keep chasing my dreams in the mean time because I still have to live my life…

And I’ve got too much to lose.