How To Slow Down Time

When I was younger, someone told me, ‘time speeds up as you age. Before you know it, you are sad and dead.’

I’ve definitely noticed what was said to me in my younger days. As I grow older, time definitely speeds up. We gain new responsibilities and commitments. We have to deal with chores and children.

But among all our responsibilities and commitments, there are opportunities to slow time down. There are methods to take control of each day and make it meaningful and impactful.

Change up your routine

In primitive times, we were only concerned about our next meal. ‘When is the pack going to hunt the next sabre-tooth?’ was the only thought on peoples’ minds.

But now, along with our next meal, we’re concerned with the largest TVs and the fanciest cars, so naturally we’re more concerned about money, which has to working long hours.

The routine of work has made our lives mundane and stale. The same job 40-50 hours a week, the same environment and the same people makes time seem faster.

Something as simple as taking a new scenic route to work can make you instantly feel grateful and appreciate the beauty. It will keep you grounded in the moment and time will seem slower.

Or changing who your spend time with at work or at home. Are you surrounding yourself with people that add value to your life? Or are they draining you?

Your brain appreciates the moments you spend around meaningful people. The opposite goes for the negative counterparts.


I’ve noticed that I can’t work 40 hours for longer than a few weeks. So I’ve made it a monthly habit to take mini-vacations. It gives me something to look forward to at the end of each month and the anticipation makes time seem slower.

You don’t have to spend lots of money or go somewhere fancy. Just focus on the thought of building memories with loved ones and allowing your body and mind to recuperate.


Writing down your thoughts, feelings, goals and dreams is another technique that drastically adds to your life. Take some time at the end of the night to reflect.

Spending time to self-reflect will do wonders for time lapses. It reignites our souls and injects perspective into our lives. It allows us to keep our goals in our minds and reminds us to pursue them each day.

When we pursue our deepest dreams and aspirations, time will slow down as we ground ourselves in the moment with focused attention and commitment.

Time is an interesting thing.

I think we have it upside down. Time doesn’t move any faster or slower for anyone. It is completely arbitrary. It hinges on the perception of our own lives.

If we continue to work long hours, struggle and surround ourselves with toxic people, time will start to move faster, as our brains chase the inevitably of sadness and death.

But, if we spend time to appreciate, love, and cherish the moments we spend each day, time will slow down. Death is very much an inevitable fact, but sadness is not.

Until next time, my beautiful readers,

Be bold, be free, and love on.