Trick Everyone Into Thinking You're Interesting

                                                      Photo Credit: [Russel Davies]

                                                      Photo Credit: [Russel Davies]

My life is excruciatingly boring, but once and while something happens.

I spend most of my time writing, reading, making videos, editing, watching videos, recording podcasts, listening to music, and doing other things that all look the same from the outside.

Essentially I look at, and talk to various screens.

Yet I get the eerie feeling that people around me believe I am interesting.

We all secretly know that we are boring, but sometimes we can trick people into believing otherwise.

I’ve come up with some dubious tips to help us trick people into believing we are interesting, and we might just become interesting as a side effect.

To Be Interesting: Be Interested

The first step to making people believe we are interesting is to be curious. We’re boring, but the world isn’t.

The name of the game is to know interesting things about the world so we can deflect awareness away from just how mind numbingly boring we are.

Learn more about life, money, insects, physics, history, blue whales, or anything else that catches your interest.

The more time we spend being curious, the more interesting our particular perspective will be of the world.

Anything is interesting if you delve deeply enough. So we have to learn more about the things we enjoy, share that with people, and they’ll never realize how boring we are.

Be Around Interesting Things

A lot of people do this without realizing it. Whenever a friend comes back from Italy, Germany, Korea, Scotland, or wherever, we say “Wow, you are so interesting!”

But it isn’t really our friend that is interesting, is it? They are still the same person; they just went to an interesting place.

It’s like being interesting through osmosis. We hang out at interesting clubs, go to interesting historical sites, or participate in interesting activities and we seem more interesting because of it.

I have a story where I played arcade basketball against two NBA players at a charity gala. Did you notice that I am the least interesting part of that sentence?

Well, even so, when I tell that story people somehow get the idea that I am interesting. But I’m only interesting by association.

Learn How To Tell Stories

Any story can be interesting if you tell it properly.

I’ve heard people talk about the vastness of the universe in ways so boring that you could use their stories as bear tranquilizers.

And I’m pretty sure the universe is the most interesting thing possible, I mean, it contains ALL THINGS.

Yet, I watched a British comedian do an hour long bit about a meat pie that had people curled over in laughter.

No matter what you are talking about, if you can’t convey it in a captivating way people will be bored.

Maybe I’m the only boring person masquerading as interesting. If you were a fly on the wall watching me day-to-day, you’d go into a coma.

Once I admitted to myself that I was boring, I was driven to learn about, visit, and participate in the things that I actually found interesting. And somewhere down the line I became interesting through association.

By now you can see through my parlor tricks, but did you know that on the planet Venus a day is longer than a year? Pretty interesting, right?