3 Ways To Be Awesome

                                                  Photo Credit: [Yasmine Khater]

                                                  Photo Credit: [Yasmine Khater]

I've never been awesome. I've never been the life of the party. I always considered somewhat of a social outcast, an alien in my own environment. 

Only over the last few years, I have really 'come to my own.' The last few years, I became more fun, I've made more meaningful connections with people, and I've really discovered myself. 

So I thought I'd share my experience and hopefully help others.


Use your ears


This is a lost art. Too many of us spend our conversations thinking about what we want to say next, rather than listening and feeling in the present moment.

We move in and out of the conversation in front of us, eagerly waiting for the moment to speak up and blurt out our opinions and thoughts. Frankly, we spend too much time talking and not enough time listening.

When we are completely present for the person in front of us, they can sense that. I don’t know exactly what ‘that’ is, but something happens when you are completely present and listening.

People feel you more. They like you more. You become more awesome.


Knowledge is power


‘Knowledge is power’ gets thrown around a lot these days. But what does it actually mean?

Knowledge is the golden apple. With knowledge your world opens up. The more you know, the more interesting you become.

Moreover, you now possess the ability to share knowledge and value. The more value you add to peoples’ lives the more they appreciate your presence. People love learning new things.

But, value isn’t celebrity gossip and Facebook news. Value is enriching peoples’ life by broadening their perspectives. Knowledge is the bridge among people.

I started reading voraciously when I was younger. The more I knew, the more I shed, and the more people gravitated toward me.


Love is all you need


Love makes the world go round. Well, actually it’s gravity, but that’s beside the point. Without either, the world would be an ominous place, that’s for sure. There would be a lot of hateful people floating around, which sadly is true, minus the actually floating.

Love is an interesting idea. It’s easy to say, ‘love each other.’ It is definitely much easier said than done. Love encompasses so much more than just that solitary feeling.

It consists of acceptance, appreciation, and adoration. To love is very much a full-time job with no pay other than the warmth and tenderness from others.

I found it easy to avoid love. It’s easy to come up with excuses when convenient. I used to think, ‘Well, no one loves me. So why should I love them.’

But I’ve learned over the course of my personal growth that love isn’t something you earn, but something you receive. Love doesn’t take work, but it does take openness.

An openness to accept each other as they are, to appreciate each others’ flaws and insecurities, and to adore him or her in its’ face. In order to receive love, one must be open to love and give love.

Love is only received when love is given. I started to love more despite my jaded outlook. I gave more hugs, more compliments and more smiles. Everything fell into line, and people thought I was some sort of superhero.

No one is born being awesome. We all look the same—born tiny, slimy creatures— but it’s these differences that shape the way people view us in this crazy hectic world.

Who we are being determines our outcomes.

So who are you being everyday? A person worthy of abundance and appreciation or one that accepts that the world is a horrible dark place.

I chose my bed. I lie in it.