The Price Of Awareness

                                                        Photo Credit: [TorbakHopper]

                                                        Photo Credit: [TorbakHopper]

Are you ever driving somewhere and you realize you weren’t paying attention at all.

You get to your destination when something snaps you back and suddenly you’re aware of everything around you again.

That was my life.

I was walking around on auto-pilot without taking a pause to be aware of what was going on and where I was going.

I wasn’t aware of the cycles I was repeating, the reasons behind them, my dreams, my values, or the fears I hid from myself that dictated my life.

Over the course of two years I explored inside myself. I shed light on the dark parts of myself, my fears, the dreams I hid away, the cycles I trapped myself in... all of it.

Becoming aware of the things inside ourselves is scary. Once we take the red pill we can’t go back.

We might become aware of our inner-most dreams, our deepest values and motivations, or the cycles that trap us.

The moment we move to a new level of awareness we pay a price. We can no longer live life by the same standard we had before. We have to evolve into the scope of our new awareness. 

Now we know what our values are and if we don’t live in line with them we will feel the guilt. We know what our inner-most dreams are and if we don’t reach for them we will feel the regret.

We become aware of the cycles that have trapped us whether they are in our relationships, in our financial lives, in our endeavours towards our goals, or anywhere else. If we continue these patterns we can’t play ignorant.

Becoming aware of the things inside us and then taking action in line with this new level of awareness is a painful process.

If we gain a new awareness with no intention of acting from it, we will suffer.

Action and integrity, or avoidance and guilt: those are the prices we choose from.   

Awareness without integrity is suffering. Acting from awareness is difficult.

That is the price of awareness, and if we pay it, we can break through to the life of our dreams.