Fear Forward

Why is it that humans are the most evolved species and on the planet, yet feel so weak sometimes? Fear is debilitating. It burrows inside your body and festers until it takes over your entire being. I get scared sometimes and my mind wanders. I worry about the future. Will I be happy? Will I be successful?

Will I be alone?

I ask myself these questions constantly. My mind wanders to the point where I can’t think about anything else but the future. It consumes me. Takes over my mind and body. I have trouble with the simple things because I stumble into a different universe.

Fear is a dark room where negatives develop – Usman Asif

Fear stops you from moving forward and hinders your ability to try something new. You have to overcome it and push through. It’s easier said than done but, when worked on, it will make us stronger.

A) Moving on Forward

Fear doesn’t want you to progress. It likes when you stay sedentary. It wants you to get all wrapped up with thoughts of the future, so you freeze. But, all you need is to deal with the now.

I used to have a particularly abusive relationship in the past. My significant other did every dirty thing in the book.

Lied, cheated and stole.

I stayed in that relationship for far longer than I should have. The fear crippled me. I thought she was the one. I would have to end up with her. Who else was there? I would die alone.

I was sixteen.

Looking back at it now, it was crazy. But I remember thinking of the terrible future I would have. No wife, no children, no life. When fear festers it leads to other problems. And instead of looking for solutions, you start generating more problems.

Fear is a prison for your mind

B) Try Something New

Every person, through fear, mugs their aspirations a dozen times a day – Brendan Francis

The thought of venturing into new things terrifies me. For example, after writing my first post, I was terrified. What if people hated me? What if people didn’t care about what I have to say? These are barriers that I’ve overcome just by doing it.

Just do it.

Do something because it scares you. I have to do things because it scares me. If I am not scared, then I’m not really progressing.

You have jump feet first into something. If you’ve ever gone camping, you know that lake water is generally pretty cold. Easing into the water will make the entire experience unpleasant. Easing out of a fear just makes it more painful. Sometimes you just have to dive in.

C) Dealing With Your Fears

Sleeping 8-9 hours a day is integral. It will be necessary on the your conquest of fear. Anxieties fester inside your mind and attempt to keep it awake. The more you sleep the less time you let it mature.

Expressing yourself is important. It can be done in any type of avenue. Read, write, draw, or paint. Do something to take your mind of the fear. Writing can be hard at times. But don’t think of a page limit when writing. Just write and don’t stop until you’ve run out of thoughts in your head. Write out whatever is on your mind. How your day has gone. A recent fond memory. Spend some time today to write something down.

Fear is something that takes over you. But you can use that to your advantage. Think of fear as a way of progressing. If you are scared of something, than that’s something you can work on.

Hitting publish on this blog post scares me. It scares me every time I hit it. Thoughts race into my head and I wonder if my readers will even acknowledge this or me. But, to overcome this fear, I have to hit send. I have to improve.

I invite you to write down your fears, as I have. And cross them off, one at a time. On your deathbed, you will never wish you feared more and conquered less.